Edward Seago - The Bend In The Canal, Alkmaar

Edward Seago (1910-1974)

Edward Seago was an English artist who painted in oils and watercolors. The son of a coal merchant, Seago was born in Norwich, and attended Norwich School. He was a self-taught artist, (although he received advice from Sir Alfred Munnings and Bernard Priestman), and enjoyed a wide range of admirers from the British Royal family and ... More

Camille Pissarro - Village Church, 1868

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) Part I

Jacob-Abraham-Camille Pissarro was born in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, to Abraham Gabriel Pissarro, a Portuguese Sephardic Jew, and Rachel Manzana-Pomie, from the Dominican Republic. Pissarro lived in St. Thomas until age 12, when he went to a boarding school in Paris. He returned to St. Thomas where he drew in his free time. Pissarro ... More

Armand Guillaumin - Turn Of The Road, After The Rain

Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) part I

Jean-Baptiste Armand Guillaumin was born on the 16th of February 1841 in Paris, the grandson of Jean Joseph Guillaumin who was a notary by trade. Sent to school in Moulins, his stay there was remarkable for two things: the mountainous landscape of the area inspired his interest in art and the beginnings of a life long friendship with the ... More

Andre Brasilier - Le Pont Des Arts

André Brasilier (1929)

André Brasilier is a French painter and printmaker whose work is typified by a breezy lyricism, wherein real-life subjects are transposed into dreamlike settings. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); His father Jacques Brasilier was a Symbolist painter, close to the Nabis. Seeking harmony between plastic ... More

Alfred Sisley - The Seine At Port-Marly, 1875

Alfred Sisley (1839-1899) Part I

Alfred Sisley (30 October 1839 – 29 January 1899) was born in Paris to affluent English parents; William Sisley was in the silk business, and his mother Felicia Sell was a cultivated music connoisseur. At the age of 18, he was sent to London to study for a career in business, but abandoned it after four years and returned to Paris. ... More

Albert Lebourg - View Of D`erve With Notre Dame Cathedral, 1897

Albert Lebourg (1849-1928)

Birth name Albert-Marie Lebourg, also called Albert-Charles Lebourg and Charles Albert Lebourg was a French painter having an early interest in architecture and studied under the architect Drouin at the École Municipale de Dessin in Rouen. Lebourg became increasingly interested in art and through Drouin met the landscape painter ... More

Martiros Saryan - Notable Day In The Mountains 1926

Martiros Saryan (1880-1972)

“The land is similar to a living being, it has its own soul, and one would hardly find his own self, his own soul, without his homeland, without being in close touch with his native land…” Martiros Saryan was an Armenian painter, the founder of a modern Armenian national school of painting. He was born into an Armenian ... More

Ivan Aivazovsky - The Survivors 1873

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900)

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (July 29, 1817 - May 5, 1900) was a Russian painter of Armenian descent, most famous for his seascapes, which constitute more than half of his paintings. Brother of Armenian Catholic bishop Gabriel Aivazian. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Born in the town of Feodosiya, ... More

Salvador Dali - The Great Masturbator(1929)

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)

Salvador Dali (11 May 1904 – 23 January 1989) was a prominent Spanish surrealist artist, a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed ... More