Guido Reni - Susanna And The Elders 1620

Guido Reni (1575-1642)

Guido Reni was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, although his works showed a classical manner, similar to Simon Vouet, Nicholas Poussin and Philippe de Champaigne. He painted primarily religious works, but also mythological and allegorical subjects. Active in Rome, Naples, and his native Bologna, he became the dominant figure in the ... More

Emanuel De Witte - Interior Of The Oude Kerk In Delft 1650-52 Detal 1

Emanuel de Witte (1617-1692)

Emanuel de Witte (1617–1692) was a Dutch perspective painter. In contrast to Pieter Jansz Saenredam, who emphasized architectural accuracy, De Witte was more concerned with the atmosphere of his interiors. Though few in number, de Witte also produced genre paintings. De Witte was born in Alkmaar and learned geometry from his father, a ... More

Pieter De Hooch - Interior Of A Dutch House, C 1680

Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684)

Pieter de Hooch (Hooch also spelled Hoogh or Hooghe) was a Dutch Golden Age painter famous for his genre works of quiet domestic scenes with an open doorway. He was a contemporary of Jan Vermeer in the Delft Guild of St. Luke, with whom his work shares themes and style.interior scenes De Hooch was born in Rotterdam to Hendrick ... More

Rembrandt Van Rijn - The Nightwatch

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker. An innovative and prolific master in three media, he is generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history. Unlike most Dutch masters of the 17th century, Rembrandt's works depict a wide ... More

Otto Van Veen - The Batavians Surround The Romans At Vetera, 1600 - 1613

Otto van Veen (1556-1629)

Otto van Veen, also known by his Latinized name Otto Venius or Octavius Vaenius, was a painter, draughtsman, and humanist active primarily in Antwerp and Brussels in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. He is known for running a large studio in Antwerp, producing several emblem books, and for being, from 1594 or 1595 until ... More

Cats Fighting In A Larder

Cornelis de Vos (1584-1651)

Cornelis de Vos was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and art dealer. He was one of the leading portrait painters in Antwerp and is best known for his sensitive portraits, in particular of children and families. He was also successful in other genres including history, religious and genre painting. He was a regular collaborator with Rubens. ... More

Willem Van Aelst - Still Life (37)

Willem van Aelst (1627-1683)

Willem van Aelst was a Dutch Golden Age artist who specialized in still-life painting with flowers or game. Van Aelst was born in Delft to a family of prominent city magistrates. He learned to paint from his uncle, the still-life painter Evert van Aelst. On 9 November 1643 he enrolled as a master of the Guild of Saint Luke at Delft. B... More

Adriaen Brouwer - Farmers At The Meal

Adriaen Brouwer (1605-1638)

Adriaen Brouwer was a Flemish painter active in Flanders and the Dutch Republic in the first half of the 17th century. Brouwer was an important innovator of genre painting through his vivid depictions of peasants, soldiers and other 'lower class' individuals engaged in drinking, smoking, card or dice playing, fighting, music making etc. ... More

The Meeting Of Odysseus And Nausicaa, C 1630 - C 1640

Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678)

Jacob (Jacques) Jordaens was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and tapestry designer known for his history paintings, genre scenes and portraits. After Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck, he was the leading Flemish Baroque painter of his day. Unlike those contemporaries he never traveled abroad to study Italian painting, and his career ... More

Peter Paul Rubens - Rubens In His Garden With Helena Fourment

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Part II

Rubens used the production of prints and book title-pages, especially for his friend Balthasar Moretus, the owner of the large Plantin-Moretus publishing house, to extend his fame throughout Europe during this part of his career. In 1618, Rubens embarked upon a printmaking enterprise by soliciting an unusual triple privilege (an early form of ... More