Paul Sieffert (1874-1957)

Paul Sieffert (1874-1957) is a painter of nudes, portraits and illustrator, born in Paris.

Student of Jean-Léon Gérôme , Gabriel Guay and Albert Maignan, he has exhibited at the Salon since 1894, at the Society of Friends of the Arts in Bordeaux from 1910 to 1939. He got the First Grand Prix ​​of Rome in 1902, the Diploma of Honor at the Exhibition of 1937. Sieffert was the secretary out of competition at French artists and member of the committee and jury. He also exhibited at the Salon d’Hiver from 1910 to 1944.

He was also known for his stained glass, decorative compositions and illustrations of luxury books and collections of poetry including The Flanks of the Vase, followed by Polyphemus and Unfinished Poems (1902) by Albert Samain .

All his career was based on his inexhaustible production of nudes.

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