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Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932)

Eugene de Blaas, also known as Eugene von Blaas or Eugenio Blaas, was an Italian painter in the school known as Academic Classicism. He was born at Albano, near Rome, to Austrian parents. His father Karl, also a painter, was his teacher. The family moved to Venice when Karl von Blaas became Professor at the Academy of ... More

Andrea del Sarto (1846-1530)

The Italian painter Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530) was one of the most important painters of the High Renaissance. His highly expressive use of color is unsurpassed in Florentine painting. Andrea was born in 1486, Florence. He was the son of Agnolo di Francesco, a tailor. According to Vasari, who was taught by Andrea, he was ... More