The Project “WorldArt”


Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the armchair and enjoying art works from various exhibitions? Have you ever thought you would be able to view the works of all artist names you know whenever you wish? We have dreamed and thought about the same.



We have proudly started to create!


WorldArt is a project of art lover’s group working from all over the world. Our goal is to create the biggest and richest online gallery of world famous artists’ works from various cultures and introduce altogether in one place. Considering big volume of work planned, we decided to go live with few decades of posts not to deprive you of the pleasure to get familiar with artist works already prepared for publishing. To reach few thousands of posts we intend to update the database and publish new posts every single day. We are going to make more comfortable your on-line viewing by updating the webpage with new features.

You are free to view, enjoy and share the world art posts on this website with your friends and even talk about this online gallery among the people you just met first time. You may follow us on various social platforms to get our news as soon as we publish them. Check the social icons on the right sidebar to join the network you wish. For all inquiries, you may write us here.


And finally…

Our online shop of art is live now. Look through it here.